Vote Workers Party!

Workers Party election manifesto

• Job Losses: Jobs belong to the worker, not the employer. For the unrestricted rights for workers to organise, strike, speak and publish.

• For working class unity and solidarity - equality for women, Maori and other ethnic minorities and people of all sexual orientations and identities

• Wages and Prices: Wages to be indexed to real inflation, not CPI. Data needs to be collected to determine real inflation rate as it affects workers.

• Abolish GST: this is a regressive tax that takes money from workers’ after tax income.

• Repeal all Anti-democratic Laws: including the Terrorism Suppression Act, the Electoral Finance Act and the anti-strike provisions in the ERA.

• Open Borders: abolition of all immigration controls and full rights for migrant workers.

• All Elected Representatives on the Average Workers’ Wage.

• Public Services run on the basis of need, not profit: Abolish Labour’s State Owned Enterprises and Local Government Acts, which currently require vital services such as housing and electricity to be run as businesses.

Below is a list of our candidates for the 2008 election:

Tim Bowron List Candidate

Tim is a part-time retail worker and university student who is currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Spanish at Canterbury University. He became a revolutionary socialist at the age of 18 after quitting the Labour Party in disgust at its neoliberal pro-capitalist policies.

Tim has also been a trade union delegate (for four years) as well as being heavily involved in Middle East solidarity work.  In 2007 he was the Workers Party candidate in the Dunedin mayoral election.

Daphna Whitmore Manukau East:

Recognising that what people do makes a big difference motivated Daphna to become campaigner for workers’ rights. She’s been an activist for 20 years.

From unionising low paid workers, to marching on demonstrations against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, Daphna sees a connection between those struggles.

She works for the new, feisty union Unite, and is a staunch advocate for marginalised, female and migrant workers.

She writes for The Spark and has co-authored a book on the betrayals of the Labour Party. She lives in the Manukau East electorate.

Don Franks Wellington Central

Don has been active in workers struggles for over 35 years. He served in the
anti-apartheid and anti-Vietnam war movements, and more recently helped
organise protests against New Zealand’s involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In the 70s and early 80s he was a Coachworkers’ Union delegate at the Ford factory. He’s since been a commercial cleaner, active in the union. Don is currently working at a factory in Rongotai, where he is a member of the EPMU.

Don has composed and recorded protest songs for many progressive causes. With the Brass Razoo Solidarity Band, he has helped bring militant music to encourage picketlines and marches.

Paul Hopkinson Christchurch East

Paul is a school teacher who lives in Spencerville with his wife and two children.
In the past he has worked in a wide variety of occupations including as a meat worker and soldier in the NZ army.

More recently, Paul has been very active in opposition to New Zealand’s involvement in the ongoing occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, becoming the first person to be charged with burning the NZ flag during a 2003 anti-war protest outside parliament.

Byron Clark Christchurch Central:

Byron Clark is a long time activist in the Workers Party. His first involvement in politics was in the anti-war movement. He was a fast food delegate and later a volunteer organiser for the Unite Union during the Super Size My Pay campaign and remains a member of Unite.

He has since worked as a factory hand and a picker-packer; he is currently studying toward a degree in history at the University of Canterbury and working in the retail industry.

Nick Kelly List Candidate

Nick started his political life in the NZ Labour Party. After Labour were elected to government in 1999 Nick became publicly critical of Labour sending troops to Afghanistan and its economic policies that attacked the working class. In 2002 Nick was expelled from Labour for standing against Paul Swain in the Rimutaka electorate.

Nick was involved in the antiwar protests of 2003 against the US-led invasion of Iraq. In 2004 he was arrested along with Paul Hopkinson and other WP comrades for burning the NZ flag in parliament grounds in protest against the NZ state keeping troops in Afghanistan and sending engineers to support US troops in Iraq.

From 2003 to 2006 Nick was a member of the Victoria University Student Association exec, in the roles of Campaigns officer 2003-2004, Welfare Vice-President 2005 and President in 2006. Nick led a number of campaigns against user-pays education, in particular opposing fee increases that were the result of the Labour government’s policies to continue to underfund the NZ education system.

Nick is currently the president of the Wellington Tramways Union which recently took industrial action to fight for a higher hourly pay rate for Wellington drivers.

Nick is a revolutionary socialist. In 2004 he joined the organisation and has been active in trying to build a revolutionary Workers Party since that time.

Jasmine Freemantle List Candidate

Jasmine Freemantle’s involvement in activism was initially sparked by tagging along to protests with her mum, a student politician and beneficiary rights advocate, during the early 1990s.

Since then Jasmine has been involved in a variety of campaigns and movements, such as the anti-war movement and fighting for women’s rights.

Jasmine is currently Assistant Lecturer in Gender and Women’s Studies at Victoria University of Wellington. She is in her final year of a PhD thesis which looks at the role of women activists surrounding the women’s suffrage campaign, the 1951 waterfront lockout and the 1981 Springbok tour.

Jasmine is a member of the Association of University Staff, and was recently elected President of Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association for 2009.

Jasmine lives in Te Aro, Wellington, with her 4 year old son, Kalani.

Jen Isle List Candidate

Jen is a factory worker, a union member of long standing and workplace delegate. She lives in Central Christchurch.


Josh Glue List Candidate

Josh Glue is a science research student at the University of Canterbury. He was involved in the effort to support the locked out Progressive workers in 2006 and has been involved in a number of protests and pickets. He was attracted to the Workers Party by its strong socialist policies and pro-worker platform, and its recognition that those who create all the wealth should be running things.

Since joining, he has worked with them to support workers’ struggles and to help spread knowledge of the socialist alternative to the destructive dead-end capitalist system we live under.

Nick Scullin List Candidate

Nick first became active in left politics while studying History at the University of Canterbury. He has worked as a Library Assistant in Christchurch for the last three years, during which time he has been an active delegate in the Southern Local Government Officers Union. When Christchurch City Council staff went on strike he led the picket outside the busy Upper Riccarton library.

Previously he has worked as a video store clerk and a fast food worker. Involvement in the Workers Party has given Nick a new appreciation of the need to fight for workers’ rights both here and abroad.

Rebecca Broad List Candidate

Rebecca has been involved in the organised labour movement since entering the workforce, including as a delegate and representative of the transport/energy/stores sector on the National Distribution Union national executive. Rebecca is a serious activist for class struggle social change, and fights for workers on basic issues. She has actively supported the campaigns and disputes of low paid, casualised and youth workers through out the Auckland region within the fast-food and cinema industries, supermarkets, and retail. Rebecca stands in defense of migrant workers. In 2007 she was active in the successful  campaign to free the Iranian asylum seekers locked up in Mt Eden Remand Center. Rebecca has been an active participant in campaigns against New Zealand’s imperialist involvements in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, and in the Pacific.

In October 2007 Rebecca contested the Mayoralty of Waitakere City on an openly socialist platform and received the highest vote for a revolutionary candidate in local government elections.

Rebecca works as a forklift operator/store person and lives in Mt Eden.


Heleyni Pratley List Candidate

Joel Cosgrove List Candidate

Marika Pratley List Candidate