Newtown public meeting

November 28, 2008


Support Hamilton’s locked out bus drivers

November 23, 2008

The Hamilton bus company Go Bus has locked out 50 drivers after they took strike action for 24 hours, and were planning a fare strike on return to work.1338

 Fare strikes have seldom been used in New Zealand, but they are a creative form of industrial action that can build public support while putting direct economic pressure on the company.

 The company imposed a lockout once it heard a fare strike was likely and has kept the workers locked out despite the drivers withdrawing their notice of a fare strike. The drivers are paid $13.50 an hour and are seeking an increase to $16 an hour.we-want-a-living-wage

 The drivers’ pay is well below a living wage. The Council of Trade Unions is advocating a minimum wage of $16.30, as that is two-thirds of the average wage.

 Support the locked out bus drivers: gather at the Transport Centre in Hamilton at 9.30am Monday 24 November.

Christchurch workers’ forum: Marx in the 21st Century

November 19, 2008


For many years, official pundits proclaimed ‘the death of Marxism’.  Marx and his ideas were a curio, possibly of some relevance in the 19th century but completely outmoded today, we were often told.

The current woes in the banking and finance sector, however, have led to a renewed interest in Marx in the First World.  At the same time, revolutionary developments in Venezuela and Nepal suggest that Marx retains relevance for people in the Third World struggling for liberation

Come along to this month’s Workers Forum and hear two prominent union and political activists address the subject and join in the discussion.


Tim Bowron (national organiser, Workers Party)

Paul Piesse (president, Alliance Party)

7pm, Monday, November 24

WEA (Workers Educational Assn)

59 Gloucester Street


November 2, 2008

Global Peace and Justice Auckland forum 

Monday 3 Nov 7.30pm

Trades Hall 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland 

Left alternative political parties standing in the election have been invited to address this forum and the discuss the best approach to the global economic crisis. Groups invited are: Alliance; Communist League; Green Party ; Maori Party; RAM; Workers Party; Everyone welcome.


Labour Day debate on progressive alternatives to Labour

October 26, 2008

Labour Day debate in Wellington

October 20, 2008

Hollow Men screening

October 10, 2008

Key & Brash
Spy on Tories and support the bus drivers’ struggle. Alister Barry (In a Land of Plenty, Someone Else’s Country) delivers an indictment of political conduct in election season, adapted from Nicky Hager’s book of the same name.

Gold coin donation; funds will be split between Tramways and the Workers Party. Tramways, the bus drivers’ union recently locked out for taking industrial action, needs support and solidarity in resisting strong-arm tactics.

Q&A with candidate Don Franks.

WELLINGTON 7:30pm, Monday, October 13

Southern Cross Bar

35 Abel Smith Street

Market madness: the socialist alternative

October 9, 2008

“The market isn’t functioning properly. . .” - George Bush, Sept 25

What’s behind the current woes on Wall Street? Are the problems the result of just a few greedy speculators or do they reflect deeper problems within the system? Why do all the ‘mainstream’ discussions of the problems focus on the interests of business - what about the workers? Is there an alternative that puts workers’ interests first?

Come along and hear Paul Hopkinson, John Edmundson and Philip Ferguson of the Workers Party address these issues:

DUNEDIN 7.30pm, Wednesday, Oct 15

OUSA Clubs & Societies building

84 Albany Street

CHRISTCHURCH 7pm, Wednesday, October 22

Workers’ Educational Association

59 Gloucester St

Saturday soapbox @ the Otara market

October 8, 2008

Check out the Workers Party soapbox stall at South Auckland’s Otara market on Saturdays from 8am until 11am during the election campaign. This Saturday (11 October) we have invited guest speakers to talk (10am to 11am) about last year’s October 15 police raids on activists and the Tuhoe community.

Open borders - unite workers!

August 18, 2008

While capital, commodities and rich people get to travel more freely around the world, workers’ freedom to move is increasingly restricted. Big companies can move freely to where labour is cheaper, for instance, but workers can’t move freely to where wages are higher. The Labour government favours free trade agreements, for instance, while imposing new racist immigration restrictions.

It’s in the interests of workers to support each other and make common cause for the maximum freedom possible. Come along to this workers’ forum and find out more about Labour’s new immigration controls and how we can fight them..

Christchurch Workers Party forum

7.15pm, Monday, August 25

Workers Educational Association (WEA), 59 Gloucester Street


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