MP3: Rat Poison

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Kate Wilkinson’s got something for teenagers next year
” a starting wage” she calls it , to make more jobs appear
two thousand jobs in just two years, sounds seriously weighty
the thing is but, she’s paying just a shit ten dollars eighty

F7 C
Ten dollars eighty - could Katie live on that?
F7 C
would any mp like to see that pay rate for their brat?
F7 C
If you think we’ll suck this up well you can stick it Kate

‘Cos 10 80’s rat poison
not an hourly rate

That judge they got from Canada to look at David Bain
to see if he should get a wrong imprisonment claim
That judge’s hourly labour rates four hundred fifty bucks
so don’t tell me I’m silly when I say the system sucks

Ten dollars eighty - could Katie live on that …

If anything I reckon that young workers should get more
They’ve got more youthful energy, their feet don’t get so sore
their backs are not yet buggered and their hearts are not yet broke
to pay them less than us old guys is just a bloody joke

Ten dollars eighty - could Katie live on that…

We got rid of the old youth rates, with Unite union’s lead
another fightback starting now is what we badly need
more money now for our hard work and then, to stop the rot
a new world where rich bastards don’t get to call the shots.

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