Hamilton Public Forum: Support the Miners, Support the DSM

Speakers: John Minto (guest speaker) and Bex Broad
6-7.30pm, Thursday October 18
Waikato Trade Union Centre, 34 Harwood Street, Hamilton

Koha or $10 solidarity entry to help fundraising efforts for the Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM)

Further information

On October 8 The Gaurdian reported on the intensifying struggle of mineworkers in Rustenburg, SA: “As strikes ripple beyond Rustenburg’s platinum belt to South Africa’s greater mining sector and allied industries, what comes next will have a significant impact on the economy. Mining capital has supported ANC elitism and created massive wealth for the few, and well-connected, while operations sustained living conditions that compare well with those under Apartheid, or earlier when there was no pretence at protecting workers rights.”

On October 5 twelve thousand workers were dismissed, workers have been evicted from living quarters, and the state continues with the types of murder committed in September.

The role of the DSM in this struggle can be seen in the following articles from the Times Live and the BBC.

We would also appreciate any donation transfers from those who wish to contribute but are unable to attend. For NZ donations please transfer to 03-0626-0136196-00 with code or reference ‘SA’, optional to leave name.

For further reading visit http://www.socialistworld.net/

Organised by NZ supporters of the Committee for a Workers’ International. Any enquiries to Jared Phillips, 029-4949-863 or thespark.nz@gmail.com (Facebook event page)

4 Responses to Hamilton Public Forum: Support the Miners, Support the DSM

  1. So are the “NZ Supporters of the CWI” organisng this event still members of the Workers Party?


  2. Jared says:

    Yes still members of WP,

  3. Philip Ferguson says:

    So, WPers have abandoned solidarity with the PFLP, but are doing fund-raising for the South African affiliate of the CWI?
    What was the political rationale for that?

  4. Jared says:

    WP members who do not identify with CWI were amongst those who argued to depart from participation in that particular campaign in the format it was in, which could be objectively summarised as ‘dysfunctional’, and the dysfunctionality was not due to anyone in the WP. I’m not willing to go into the ins and outs of what became the significant problems of that campaign in an online forum.
    As a separate matter those few of us who identify with the CWI, including myself, are eager to support the work of the CWI section in SA. The CWI is not only calling for funds for it’s own section, but as I understand it is calling for funds to support a strike committee as well. We endeavor to make at least NZ$200 NZ to support the work of the DSM this Thursday. Jared.

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