Commentary on Greece

June 3, 2012

Recent elections in Greece have shown growing public support for the anti-austerity left and radical left, particularly for SYRIZA, which translates to Coalition of the Radical Left. The radical and anti-austerity left correctly ruled out forming a government with the pro-cuts social democrats. However, the traditional Communist Party, the (KKE), which has long ceased to be a revolutionary socialist organisation, has failed to unite with SYRIZA. While the left could not form a government, neither could the pro-austerity parties. This will result in new elections later in June. One important lesson to be drawn from this is the rate at which support can grow for organised left parties during an upsurge of struggle. There are numerous debates about how Marxists and socialists should proceed in the coming period. There are questions such as should the hard-left form a government? To what extent should membership in the Eurozone be protected or downplayed? and what are the ramifications for the wider European left and working class of electoral victory or defeat? Below we republish a range of articles from the international left which engage on these questions. Read the rest of this entry »


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