Fundraising for locked out AFFCO workers


As the struggle between the meatworkers and the AFFCO Meatworks company passes its seventh week the nature of the financial support for the 943 locked out workers is becoming more apparent. $11,000 per week is coming in from other meatworkers around the country, in the last two weeks, $12,000 in street donations have been collected and $80,000 has come from the various union fighting funds. It’s estimated that $100,000 a week is needed to keep the workers income at something close to their at work pay. In Wellington just over $2000 was collected in three hours at the Newtown markets and on Manners St. Regular collections are being organised in the major city centres and protest marches have been called all across the country.




You can make a donation to the lockout fund by calling 0900 LOCKOUT

3 Responses to Fundraising for locked out AFFCO workers

  1. ray spring says:

    Have you an address to send a cheque to. Plus who is it made out to?

  2. Jared Phillips says:

    This link has all the options for donations

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