Zizek: What to make of the political Elvis (Wellington event)

March 30, 2012

“[Zizek uses] a dizzying array of wildly entertaining and often quite maddening rhetorical strategies are deployed in order to beguile, browbeat, dumbfound, dazzle, confuse, mislead, overwhelm, and generally subdue the reader into acceptance.” Edward R. O’Neill

Slavoj Zizek is one of the worlds most well-known and controversial philosophers.
As a Marxist theoretical thinker, he refuses to be easily labelled and categorised.
And yet Zizek is full of contradictions. He can be infuriatingly vague, suddenly putting his complex subject into a relatively simple and easily understandable phrase, often chucking in some pop cultural example to make his point and explain himself. Few people label themselves as Zizekians, due in part to the constant zig-zagging of his political framework. Yet he has a huge following, matched maybe, only by Noam Chomsky.
Come along for a discussion of Zizek’s ideas, the place of Zizek in radical social change and the myriad of discussions that stem from him.

5-7pm Monday
SU219, Student Union Building, Victoria University


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