Occupy Wellington: what is the 99?

November 11, 2011

Sunday: 13/11/11 2:30pm

Free University,
Jack Illiot Green,
Civic Square
Wellington, New Zealand

What is the 99%?
Who is the 99%?

Possibly the best agitational slogan to come forward in the past 30 years from the left, too often in the occupy upsurge this idea has been taken at face value, something which undermines the slogan itself. The 99% represents decades of struggle and thinking around the idea of the haves and the have nots, workers and capitalists, the many and few. If we are going to make full use of the powerful potential contained within the idea represented by the 99%, then we need to know what it means, to discuss and understand the connotations and challenges that are summed up in such a pithy statement.

This is a public workshop as part of the Free University being held on Sunday.


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