Links to UK left analysis of the riots

August 11, 2011

The following is a small set of articles about the England riots published by Marxist organisations in the UK.

Committee for a Workers International ( Inner cities erupt (10/8/11)

Socialist Worker online: Reports from the urban revolt spreading across Britain (10/8/11)

Revolutionary Communist Group: Eyewitness report of the Manchester uprising, 9 August 2011 (10/8/11)

Committee for a Workers International ( Tottenham riots (8/8/11)

London Burning: The truth about the riots

August 11, 2011

Large scale riots have spread through several cities of England in the past few days. Whilst much of the mainstream media has focussed on looting, some media reports - particularly those containing interviews - have  shown some of the social context giving rise to the riots, including poverty and police brutality. The following links were compiled by Alastair Reith.


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