Queer The Night speech

June 10, 2011

Speech by James Froch, key organiser of last night’s Queer The Night march, Schools Out facilitator, Wellington Gay Welfare Group trainee co-ordinator, and Workers Party Wellington Education officer.

TV3 image from the Queer the Night march, 9/6/11. Click link above for TV3 footage.


I’m one of the organisers of this march, but I’m also here as an organiser for Schools Out.

Homophobia is something each of us has to live with.  We hesitate to hold our partners hand in public because we fear straight people’s reactions, their dumbfounded staring, their screams of dyke or faggot, their fists and their bottles.

Their homophobic actions aim to rein in our various identities and orientations, to keep us off the streets and in the closets. Its intent is to make queer and trans-people live in fear.

We’re here to say we’re not afraid. We’re here to say we stand as a community against homophobia and transphobia.  We’re here to fight until everyone has the right to express and explore their queerness without religious, economic, legal restrictions. Read the rest of this entry »


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