Press Release: Double-Down Burger Increases Workload for KFC Staff

Workers say KFC’s infamous Double Down – a “bunless burger” consisting of chicken fillets, bacon, cheese and a special sauce – is increasing their workload.

In Wellington alone, KFC sales increased 100% on the first day of the new promotion, and the product sold out for the first two days running. However, crew-members say the increased productivity has not paid off. Throughout the country there have been instances of customer abuse resulting from sold out product.

“The company’s making massive profits but it’s just making our lives harder,” KFC cook and Workers Party member Ian Anderson says.

Because of the hugely increased demand, many workers are giving up their breaks or working on their day off. “I’m used to being overworked and underpaid,” Ian says, “But when the work-load goes up the poverty wages stay the same.”

“The burger’s also not that amazing.”

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