Victory for Dunedin Pizza Hut workers

March 1, 2011

Alastair Reith

Pizza Hut workers in Dunedin have battled for their rights against the bosses and won.

Dunedin’s two Pizza Hut stores were recently sold to new bosses. Upon taking ownership of the stores, the new bosses tried to force all the workers to sign new, individual contracts with inferior terms and conditions and a 90 day fire at will probationary period. This would be laughable if it wasn’t so outrageous - at the North D store the workers have been there for between two and eight years, and without a doubt know the job much better than their new employers!

What the manager clearly didn’t take into account was that these workers are union members. Both sites are Unite Union strongholds - the workers are staunch, aware of their rights, and aware of both the need to fight back and the power they have when they do so. All the workers refused to sign the new contracts, and today they walked off the job in protest.

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Wgtn meeting: Democracy in the Arab World

March 1, 2011

The workers party and Peace Action Wellington present
Public meeting on Democracy in the Arab World
Dr Nigel Parsons :  Egypt After the Revolution:
What to expect from Egyptian institutions
Omar Khamoun  : Is Arab culture compatible with democracy?
Joel Cosgrove:   The limits of western democracy and the politics of stability
6:00 PM  Thursday March 3rd  Mezzanine Meeting Room Wellington Central Library.


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