Marxism 2010: Queer Liberation

Part of Marxism 2010, a weekend of ideas, discussion and debate.
10am, Saturday the 5th of June
Thistle Hall, 293 Cuba St

Queer oppression is interlocked with all other forms of oppression, and takes a historically specific form. This talk will take in the development of modern queerness as a central aspect of urbanisation, with cities providing a basis for new communities. Drawing from theorists such as Gramsci and Foucault, we will undertake a historical analysis beginning with the colonisation of Aotearoa/New Zealand, through the development of a “homosexual” discourse, urbanisation and queer liberation in the 20th century, ultimately leading to the present impasse and the development of a new hegemony. The talk will conclude by dealing with that perennial Marxist-Leninist question, what is to be done?

Presented by Ian Anderson, Workers Party activist. Parallel session with Cultural Capital talk.

3 Responses to Marxism 2010: Queer Liberation

  1. Noelia says:

    Is this talk open to everyone? or you need to be a member of workersparty ?
    I would like to go….

  2. Byron says:

    Everyone is welcome, see you there Noelia :-)

  3. ray spring says:

    Is it compulsory to be a homosexual or lesbian to be a member of the Workers party, or are hetrosexuals allowed to join the party?
    Further, do the hetrosexuals also have meetings run by the Workers Party to celebrate being hetrosexuals?

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