Aid as imperialism: Wellington talk

Aid as Imperialism

Aid as imperialism: the role of NGOs in global capitalism

Tuesday November 10th, 5:30pm, Southern Cross.

Discussion, biscuits and tea afterwards.

3 Responses to Aid as imperialism: Wellington talk

  1. Julia says:

    Because I am not able to be there in Wellington I am wondering what you are going to be discussing? I have seen you have used Trade Aid’s image in your posters, are you talking specifically about Trade Aid or are you just lumping them in with a bunch of NGOs? Fair trade is a very different model to a general aid model…

  2. Ian says:

    We will be discussing Trade Aid, among other NGOs. The focus will be on flows of capital through Third World countries and how NGOs (Trade Aid, Amnesty International) act as a buffer for the state. Since you can’t be at the talk, here’s one article that’s decidedly worth looking at:

    Help That Hinders, by Arundhati Roy

  3. Joel says:

    We should have it videoed and put up on the site…

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