“Burn the vampire bosses”

On the eve of Halloween there was a carnival atmosphere as people marched up Queen Street Auckland.

The march was part of Unite’s campaign to get 300,000 signatures on our petition for the minimum wage to be raised to $15 an hour. If that target is reached by May next year the government will have to hold a referendum on the question of whether the minimum wage should be lifted to $15 an hour.

A vampire boss effigy was burnt at the stake, to cap off the night.

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3 Responses to “Burn the vampire bosses”

  1. on the 23 of January a cop killed an innocentiwis 17year old father from the pacific islands, and you people called kiwis did nothing about it, not even a protest you are all pussys and should be shamed of your selfs.
    Grow some balls kiwis!!!
    kiwis = pussys!!!

  2. mike22275 says:

    You’re right Eiste that there should have been more of an outcry about the killing. The Workers Party wrote an article at the time:


    that stated: “A strong signal of outrage needs to be sent to the government and the police force. If the police force is not criticised we can only expect a steady escalation of police powers and a normalisation of, or desensitising to, these kinds of incidents.”

    It would be incorrect, however to believe that New Zealanders have always been passive in the face of police violence. See for instance the activities of the Polynesian Panthers in the 1970s.

  3. Don Franks says:

    And the campaign for justice after the police murder of Paul Chase in 1983.

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