Christchurch Forum: Oppose NZ intervention in Afghanistan

New Zealand soldiers have been deployed in Afghanistan for longer than in any other overseas deployment in the army’s history. Now the government is sending in the SAS again. Whereas most people in NZ opposed the invasion of Iraq by Western powers, many still see Afghanistan as the “good war” and there is little public debate about what is really happening in that country and how Western intervention, including the role played by NZ, has brought new misery to the people of Afghanistan.

Come along and hear what has really been happening in Afghanistan since the invasion at the end of 2001 and why NZ armed forces, along with all other Western armed forces, should be withdrawn.

Monday August 31 7:30pm
WEA, 59 Gloucester St

One Response to Christchurch Forum: Oppose NZ intervention in Afghanistan

  1. I’ve posted some penetrating stories about the Cost of War and the inhumane treatment of innocent citizens in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan (2.4 Million people were sent out of their homes so that the Military of Pakistan could “rid them of the Taliban”. Bad deal. No livestock, no crops are left after the bombs and artillary shellings. Read my blog and let’s STOP THE WAR(s):
    Thank you for you work.

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