Auckland Solidarity Demo for Expelled Victoria Students

A solidarity demo at Ak students support Vic protestersAuckland university was held at lunch time today to protest against the expulsion of Victoria university students who burnt the NZ flag.

4 Responses to Auckland Solidarity Demo for Expelled Victoria Students

  1. jenni says:

    I think it was dopey and mean to stop these young people from sitting their exams: very punitive. I certainly won’t be doing any post grad work at this university, and I certainly won’t be encouraging any of my friends children to either.

  2. Paul Drake says:

    Very hypocritical. All I can say is that Victoria university does not tolerate free speach, which raises a serious question as to what direction it is heading.

    Yours respectfully

  3. NB says:

    burning the flag is disgusting, inappropriate and offensive and i’m glad the students involved were expelled.

  4. Byron says:

    NB, why is it disgusting? why is in inappropriate? and why is it offensive?

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