May Day 2009 Wellington & Auckland

May 1, 2009

Wellington’s Southern Cross tavern was buzzing on May Day with the launch of Unite’s campaign for a $15 minimum wage . The Brass Razzoo band played, and were joined by a visiting group from Australia, the Hobart Grass Roots Union Choir. tamils-may-day-2009

Auckland’s annual May Day march was joined this year by a large contingent from the Tamil community. They were protesting the massacres being carried out by the Sri Lankan government against the Tamils.

Video: Venezuelan Factory Occupations

May 1, 2009

Produced by Vive TV in Venezuela, this new documentary on FRETECO explores the movement of occupied factories and workers’ control in Venezuela. From the Mitsubishi auto plant to the Inveval valve plant; from the Gotcha T-Shirt factory to the INAF hardware factory, workers young and old, male and female, tell their stories and explain why they came to the realization that demanding nationalization under workers’ control is the only way forward. With examples explaining how factory and workers’ councils function, the role of the communal councils, and the movement for “trade unionism of a new type,” this video provides a living, breathing look at a crucial aspect of the Venezuelan Revolutionary process.

Subtitles courtesy of Hands Off Venezuela.

Free the Cuban Five

May 1, 2009

Rebecca Broad  The Spark May 2009

The Obama administration announced changes to travel and money transfer restrictions on Cuban-Americans in April, which allow travel to Cuba of unlimited frequency, no cap on money transfer amounts and the ability to send clothes and certain personal hygiene items. These are welcome but very minimal changes, which don’t even go so far as to include non Cuban-Americans. Read the rest of this entry »


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