Crowne Plaza hotel strike hits Brisbane Broncos

March 28, 2009


The Brisbane Broncos won’t be experiencing full kiwi hospitality this weekend. The team is staying at Auckland’s plush Crowne Plaza hotel, where room attendants and other staff have gone on strike.crowne-plaza-strike-019

Around twenty members of Unite union are on strike; calling for a pay rise and better working conditions. “We are underpaid and overworked”

says Unite delegate Tapa Jago. “We are fed up with the low pay and heavy workloads”.

The hotel industry is one of the lowest paid sectors, says Unite organiser Daphna Whitmore. “The starting rate is just $13 an hour” she said. “The hotel made a gross profit of $8.5 million in 2008 but claims it cannot afford to lift the wages.”

The 360 room hotel is 100 percent full this weekend with the Waratahs and Brisbane Broncos teams staying.

Film Review: Watchmen

March 28, 2009

2009, Directed by Zack Snyder

Based on the highly acclaimed graphic novel by Alan Moore, Watchmen is a story made to show superheroes be in the real world. Superheroes have been a constant target of Moore’s satire and venom. Influenced by Anarchism, Moore sees the superheroes as combinations of lonely, pathetic, psychotic, paternalistic, self-indulgent and fascist. These consistently brilliant comic’s are not just an attack on a pernicious form of culture, but an insightful metaphor about those that would claim to lead us within the current capitalist system. Politicians, generals, priests, media moguls and union bureaucrats can all be read into the cast of powerful characters that Moore has created over the years. The Watchmen graphic novel stands at the apex of this important body of work.

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