For an open and honest debate

Click here to read our Second Open Letter to Socialist Aotearoa responding to their concerns about our article “Much of the left crying wolf over the Nats” and arguing that revolutionaries should be open and upfront about debating their differences.

2 Responses to For an open and honest debate

  1. Paul Drake says:

    I have read WP’s open letter and I think that you have done the right thing to hand out the olive branch to SA.

    I can also understand SA’s concerns about your article ‘crying wolf over Nats etc.’ I know that WP is trying to prove that Labour is just as reactionary as National, and a true observation at that, but WP are running the risk missing the ball by underestimating how dangerous the National Party government really are!!

    Most of all Mr. key. Yes he seems a nice guy, pleasant company at a dinner party, but the left really need to see through all that camourflage because today M. Keys election promises has proved to be nothing but aload of suger coated bullets.

    Today one of those suger coated bullets has just exploded, workers are now going to have to pay more accident compensation (ACC) levies. That’s the trade off against the lower tax breaks he was promising.

    The Council of Trade Unions response to this was so wishey- washey I couldn’t remember what it was.
    I can damned well remember what it wasn’t, it certainly wasn’t an ultimatum in a language that is easily understood, qualified by the two adjectives ‘EITHER’ ‘OR’.

    Yours Respectfully

    Paul D.

  2. Darvin says:

    THX that\’s a great aswner!

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