Pay up Pak ‘n Save

November 29, 2008

Pak ‘n Save workers at Lincoln Road in Auckland held a picket today as part of their campaign to get an improved contract. The site was unionised last year by the NDU and the collective agreement is up for renewal.pak-n-save-nov-08-005
The supermarket is one of the largest and most profitable in New Zealand. The tooting from the public was deafening. Car loads of police arrived and tried to tell the union they couldn’t hold their picket - despite it being entirely peaceful and lawful.

The company has tried to issue trespass orders against union officials. The union officials have refused to accept the notices which cannot supersede union access rights.

The reign of Helen Clark

November 29, 2008

- Daphna Whitmore
The Spark
December 2008 - January 2009

The end was swift. Stepping down on election night Helen Clark ended 16 years as the Labour Party’s leader and nine years as Prime Minister. As Labour’s longest serving head, she was one of its most capable and helped shape the organisation into an urban liberal capitalist party.

Clark personified the new type of Labour politician. She came from a middle class farming background and was university educated. She studied politics and lectured for a few years at Auckland University, then headed straight to parliament in 1981.

In 1984 Labour won the elections and launched Rogernomics. There was not a peep of opposition to this rabidly neo-liberal programme from Clark. Later on she would try to distance herself from that period but as David Lange once quipped, Clark “was so dry she was combustible”. According to Michael Basset, who was a minister in that government, Clark begged Roger Douglas to return to the finance minister’s role in January 1990 when the party was rife with internal divisions over Rogernomics.

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