Incentives not punishment

A couple of groups - the Wanaka Wastebusters and Kiwi Plastic Bag Concern - have surveyed the political parties on their stance on the proliferation of plastic bags. These organisations are calling for a levy on plastic bags.

Here’s our reply:

The Workers Party opposes a plastic bag levy as it is a way for businesses to pass their costs on to consumers and further increase prices. However, we support the manufacture of biodegradable shopping bags and would like to see incentives not punishment for people to use reusable bags.


There are many things that could be done to help reduce wastage. Shops could give out recyclable bags when people spend x  dollars, as they do with petrol vouchers. They could give a discount per recyclable bag filled. They could give spot prizes to people who use them. There are heaps of things that could be done, but for capitalists the “market solution” of charging is usually the best they can think of.

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