Workers Party candidate wants socialist solution to cycling issues

October 29, 2008

Workers Party media release

The Workers Party’s Christchurch Central candidate Byron Clark is a keen cyclist, who once rode his bike from Christchurch to Picton, but differs with the mainstream cycling lobby on a few key points.

“Policies that would improve cycle lanes and encourage cycling have my full support” says Clark “but I have to disagree with the Cycling Advocacy Network (CAN) when they say we should spend less money on roads, there should be money there for every type of transport infrastructure our communities need, including cycle ways, roads, rail and buses.”

Clark also thinks CAN’s support for lower speed limits and more power for traffic cops is politically questionable. “Drivers don’t need legislation to show common courtesy to other road users. I think a big way we could improve road safety would be to ensure those who drive for a living have decent working hours and breaks, and reasonable amounts of time to complete their work. In fact even getting employers to ease up on lateness would help. All these things would allow drivers time to be more courteous on the roads, as well as being more alert and less fatigued.”

The Workers Party, which is contesting the party vote this year, also advocates free public transport and the repeal of the Local Government Act which requires many public transport services to be run as if they were commercial enterprises.

Workers Party candidate talk at Baptist Church election meeting

October 29, 2008

Talk given by Daphna Whitmore at a candidates’ forum in Otahuhu, Auckland 28 October 2008

Thank you for the invitation to speak at tonight’s meeting. I’m a list candidate and also standing in this electorate.

Our party has no ties to religion, we consider religion is a private affair and should be separate from the state. Having said that, the theme tune of our election campaign is the hymn All things Bright and Beautiful.

Don Franks, who is our candidate in Wellington Central wrote some new lyrics to reflect our outlook.

All things bright and beautiful in every shopping mall

All the goods and services- the workers made them all

We sell our labour power for a bare subsistence wage

While bosses loll in luxury ­ its time to turn the page!

Workers of all countries ­ in lands both great and small

This earth and all we’ve made of it ­ let us reclaim it all

This election our party has one central message: that workers should be running the country.

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