October 15 Solidarity: Letter to the Editorial Board

To the Spark editorial board:
In your July edition of The Spark, Alastair Reith writes in his article “Armed cops no solution” that “[t]o this day, no charges have been brought against the people that were arrested” in last year’s so-called “terror raids”.

We all wish this were true. However, 20 people are facing charges under the Arms Act! Charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act were never laid because the Solicitor-General did not grant the police permission to do so. The 16 people arrested on 15th October 2007 and the four who have been arrested since have faced Arms Act charges from the beginning.

These charges are the result of a racist police operation and are politically motivated. Let’s fight to have them dropped!

October Solidarity Information

Check out http://www.October15thSolidarity.info for more information and updates.

The Spark replies:

Thanks for pointing that out. Our inaccuracy was a subediting mistake and the passage should have read: “no terrorism charges have been brought”. In continued solidarity against state harassment and intimidation - Don Franks, Spark coordinating editor.

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