Election economics: theirs and ours

Winston Peters has been caught out being “economical with the truth”. After months of denials from Peters that NZ First had received a donation from multi-millionaire Owen Glen, Peters finally admitted to accepting a $100,000 donation towards his legal fund for his failed case to overturn National MP Bob Clarkson’s win in Tauranga.

In all probability, this undeclared donation did not breach parliamentary rules, so why was Peters so anxious to make the story go away?

The fact is, NZ First likes to pose as a party of the people, and most voters would regard taking money from a filthy rich tycoon based in a Monaco tax haven as being rather sordid. Yet that is how the game of mainstream politics is played. Owen Glen also contributed $500,000 to the Labour Party before the last election.

We’re counting on you

By stark contrast, the Workers Party has no wealthy backers. Our funding comes entirely from our activist members and supporters. On a shoestring budget, we managed to run four candidates in the mayoral elections last year, winning a total of 4705 votes.

But democracy don’t come cheap! We are currently registering for the party list, which will enable workers across the whole of New Zealand to vote for a revolutionary socialist party for the first time in history. To make the most of this opportunity, we need money to print leaflets, money to upgrade our website, money to pay candidates’ deposits… you get the general idea.

The Workers Party does not employ consultants, focus groups or any other type of administrative bureaucracy. Every cent you can spare will be spent fighting the bosses and their political servants. Please dig deep with your $ and c - it’s the best political investment you’ll ever make.

How to donate

You can make a donation to our election fund by:

* sending a cheque made out to The Workers Party to: PO Box 10282 Dominion Rd, Auckland

* making a deposit directly into our bank account: 38 9002 0817250 01, or

* giving cash to your Spark street seller.

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