Workers Party Wellington events

Tonight we are having a social event to talk about Don Franks’ Wellington Central campaign as well as the Workers’ Party’s nationwide campaign.

It should be pretty laid back, and if you’re interested in coming (there is free beer and pizza), we’ll be in the Collins Room 5:30-7ish, Student Union Building, Vic Uni, Kelburn. All welcome.

Our weekly study sessions will be on hold, starting again next week, ploughing through Rosa Luxembourg:

Starting next Tuesday we’ll be holding weekly communist manifesto studies. The communist manifesto is widely seen as the calling point for socialists in Europe and wider. It has been translated into many languages and still has a remarkable resonance in the 21st Century. We’ve got a wide range of people coming along for this study, so don’t feel afraid if you haven’t read it before, a lot of people haven’t either. It’s a good chance to talk about the ideas and how they work in practice.
Every Tuesday from next week on, 5pm, Collins Room, Student Union Building, Vic Uni, Kelburn.

Look forward to seeing you there!

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